1.) What markets do you cover?

We are specialized in spanish speaking markets, however we have contacts around the world and can help in some other markets also.

2.) How does cooperation with you look like?

First we analyze the company interested to start selling in latin american markets. We analyze the products to perceive market potential. If according to our research there is place in market, we analyze state of marketing in the company: Next step is action plan for marketing and sales and what follows is putting plan in action.

3.) Do we have to enter entire spanish speaking market at once?

Spanish speaking market is massive. It is generally better to focus on certain countries to test market potential and expand after market behaviour is confirmed.

4.) Can i start selling any product to latin america markets?

It is possible to sell most products there, however hidden costs such as customs and logistics have to taken into account. Also, we avoid marketing and selling of products which according to our research do not have good potential.

5.) Can i sell services to spanish speaking markets with your help?

Certain services can be interesting for sales. If you think you have service which you can perform from another country and has market potential, please contact us.

6.) If i need a product from Slovenia or Europe can you help?

Same as we offer very cost-effective access to spanish speaking markets, we also offer access to other companies to slovenian markets and Europe.

7.) Marketing and sales services to foreign markets are usually expensive and unpredictable?

There are agencies and companies that offer simillar and charge a lot. We did not find more cost-effective way to enter market that our company. Unlike marketing agencies, we link our success to your success.